Quick and Easy Recipe: Savory Potato Pie

I love London, but often it is so chaotic that I would like to be on the top of a snowy mountain, spending the weekend sipping an herbal tea in front of a warm fireplace.

Unfortunately, we cannot always be where we would stay. Therefore, it seems that today the best choice is to prepare tempting potato and chickpeas pies for lunch, which cannot be compared to a relaxing weekend, but they still make my day more enjoyable.

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Vegan Spreadable cheese

It is since this morning that I have been watching the rays of the sun from my window. Nevertheless, today, instead of breathing some fresh air outside, I will be happy to prepare a wonderful vegan spreadable cheese

I cannot stand Mondays, my friends know it, but today’s recipe has certainly made my day and, as the cheese is in the fridge to rest, I imagine it spread on a crispy slice of bread.

It is a very simple dish, which can be prepared in five minutes and with very few ingredients.

You just need to prepare a creamy base of minced cashews, with the addition of flakes of yeast, and my beloved Southern Italian dried tomatoes.

Let’s get lost in the goodness and creaminess of this cheese and forget, for a moment, the stress of everyday life!

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Vegan Panna Cotta

All vegans certainly feel nostalgic of some flavour that they have decided totally to ban from their diets. There is nothing wrong with this, because if you ban animal derivatives from your diet it does not mean that you don’t appreciate their taste, but you do it for an ethical choice.

For this reason, I really enjoy trying to reproduce the vegan version of traditional recipes. I must admit I often fail but sometimes the result is incredible.

For example, today I woke up thinking about a beloved childhood dessert, since I have not eaten it for a very long time: panna cotta, a pudding obtained from the union of sugar, cream, milk and jelly. I replaced these ingredients with plant based milk, agar-agar and turmeric powder: the result is a thick sweet fragrant and tasty (with a slight aftertaste of vanilla) dessert. It really satisfied me!

Vegan food is not a sacrifice, but a journey through pleasures and creativity!

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