Other cafe and gallery: food, art and relax


Other cafe and gallery: food, art and relax

Natureat is quite proud to announce another partnership: Other Café Gallery which will serve our home-made products.

Other café Gallery is an original idea of café, furnished in perfect vintage style.

The main aim of this Café is to mix good food and art in an harmonious relaxing atmosphere, together with the kindness of its nice staff.

Moreover, the idea of the gallery within the café really works great with the rest of this place. I found myself very comfortable with the owner of Other café, as he follows a meat-free diet.

What you can taste at Other café includes: meat-free dishes, different vegan and vegetarian options, biological food, homemade fresh cakes, a good selection of fruit juices and smoothies, and the extraordinary beet juice that they only can do!

All ingredients are fresh and carefully chosen.

In the afternoon, they serve a freshly made afternoon tea. This tea is served with homemade food, so don’t expect to drink the standard, traditional tea you drink in the other place! They offer a very valid alternative with unusual flavors and the Natureat staff really liked it!

This natural organic Café is located in the nice area between Islington and Hackney at 48 Balls Pond Road, London, N1 4AP.

Stay tuned and follow Natureat webpage!

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A new recipe has been added to our kitchen!

Today, we suggest to try a very light and easy to cook dish: the vegan version of stuffed peppers.

I have to say, I don’t really like cooked peppers. I better prefer them raw, but this time I changed my mind. I can’t stop eating them!

Shopping list for 4 peppers:

–       4 peppers (choose the color you prefer). In this case I chose the red ones; –

–       100 gr of carrots;

–       150 gr of precooked peas;

–       A clove of garlic;

–       100 g cherry tomatoes;

–       100 g of “Arborio” rice;

–       Olive oil.


Salt, pepper and curcuma

So, let’s start….

In a capacious pan put some olive oil, an unpeeled garlic clove, and let it cook slowly, until they golden.

Add chopped carrots and half cut cherry tomatoes. Rise the heat.

In the meanwhile, prepare peppers. Cut them in two parts and clean well their inner.

When tomatoes turn into a smooth cream (about 5 minutes), put peas, rice and the top of peppers. Add two glasses of water (or vegetable broth) to the rice, and cover it with a lid.

Cook rice for about 15 minutes and before it cooks, put it in the oven and let it finish cooking.

Put the lid off and let excess water to dry. Add spices.

Fill peppers with the mixture.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes  at 270 degrees.

Serve them hot!

Useful suggestions:

–       If you want to reproduce an irresistible crust grate some bread on the top of the rice before to put peppers in the oven.

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Are in the right mood for a delicious dish as an alternative to the usual pasta?

Here is a tasty and a very quick recipe to prepare by a dear friend of mine: Claudia Vinciguerra.

The dish is delicious, in fact it has been eaten in a blink of an eye, even before being photographed! I promise, I will take some pictures before eating it, next time!

Here you are Claudia’s recipe.


–       A package of seitan (preferably, the natural one);

–       A package of tofu (naturally tasted, as well);

–       Quinoa and bulgur cereals (precooked are also good);

–       Kamut (also precooked);

–       Some bay leaves;

–       Vegetable cream;

–       Grated bread;

–       Salt (just enough);

–       Pepper (just enough);

–       Curry and/or other spices, of your choosing;

–       Olive oil (just enough).



First of all, cook (in boiling and just enough salty water) some quinoa and bulgur together with seitan. All these ingredients (if precooked) have the same cooking time, that is around 10 minutes. A valid alternative to such cereals could be pearled barley. As the cereals are cooked, cut seitan and tofu into small chunks. Try to well drain the cereals (help yourself with a slotted spoon), Let them stand for few minutes in a bowl, adding some oil, some bay leaves, pepper and other spices. Put seitan and tofu in the mixture and try to well mix it up by adding some vegetable cream, as the mixture become uniform in colour and taste.

Cover a baking pan with a sheet of baking paper. Pour the mixture evenly in the pan. Then, sprinkle the pie with grated bread. You can garnish it with some drops of vegetable cream, if you prefer. Bake for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Enjoy it!

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