Unbelievably quick and easy, this sauce is perfect for every season, because it has all flavors of the season. This sauce is creamy, rich and overwhelmingly tasty.

Pumpkin and almond sauce is ideal if served with pasta, because it thickens a lot once added to it. As an alternative, it can be consumed like a sauce, spreading it on toasted bread.


(Quantities vary on the basis of your personal tastes)

– 500 gr of fresh Italian pasta;

– 250 gr of pumpkin;

– 100 gr of peeled almonds;

– clove of garlic.


Clean pumpkin and cut it to pieces. Combine pumpkin with some Evo oil and a clove of garlic in a frying pan and fry them over low heat. In the meanwhile, toast some almonds in the oven or in a non-stick pan, as long as they brown. Then, finely mince them.

Once pumpkin becomes enough tender, press it with a fork. Put some spices at your liking.

Bring a pot of salted water to boil. Add pasta and cook it, then drain it. Combine pasta with pumpkin and, if necessary, add some cooking water. Then, add finely minced almonds.

 Some advices:

–  If you prefer, you can use onion instead of garlic and fry lightly with pumpkin;

–  To avoid frying, boil pumpkin. When you finish cooking it, drain and press it with a fork or with a hand-held liquidizer. This provides to make pumpkin more dense.

–  As an a alternative to whole toasted almonds, mince them in a mixer. 

Aubergines in olive oil

5kg aubergines
2 litres vinegar
olive oil
The aubergines should be small, seedless ones. Peel them and put them in a bowl with water ans salt to prevent them discolouring.
Cut them lengthways into very thin slice.
Layer them on tray seasoning each layer with parsley, garlic, chopped chilli and vinegar. Put the pile under pressure for 2-3 days using a wooden board with weights on top so that the vegetable water is pressed out and removed.
When no more liquid runs from them and without disturbing the layers, arrange them in glass jars and cover oil.
Leave them to mature for at least a few days before eating.