Chocolate Vegan Muffins

rsz_img_20161117_1503351Chocolate vegan muffins

Let  me introduce you one of the best muffin that I have ever made. They are vegan and amazing, indeed!

You can do this recipe with very little effort. I like them,  you can delight yourself with this Muffins in every moment of the day….


145g of whole wheat flour;

30g of cocoa powder

100g of  dark sugar;

1 spoon of baking soda

1 small bag of cream of tartar

1 spoon of orange juice

4 ripe smashed bananas

55 ml of oil

55 ml of soy milk

150 g of chocolate drops

Some salt

Coconut powder

 How to make them:

First of all, preheat the oven at 180°C. Prepare your wet ingredients and sift together all of the dry ingredients in a big bowl: put sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, yeast and some salt.

Put in a medium-size the smashed bananas, some coconut oil, some almond milk and some orange juice.

Now add the wet and dry ingredients together, and mix them well.

Spoon batter into prepared muffin cups.

Bake for 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre of a muffin comes out clean.

Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes before serving.

Sprinkle some coconut powder on them!


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Vegan chickpea burgers


Vegan chickpea burgers

Would you delight your palate with one of the best vegan burger?

If you would give a try to this flavorful, satisfying, crunchy veggie burger, you’re in the right place!

The truth of this recipe is that it’s not only truly easy to prepare, but it is also “insanely” as healthy as tempting.

This a burger  is appreciated by the adults and children.

Here’s my RECIPE:

Shopping list for 8 burgers:

  • 400g of cooked chickpeas;
  • 1 minced onion;
  • 1 chopped pepper;
  • 100g of minced Brazil nuts;
  • 1 minced carrot;
  • Some salt;
  • Some bread crumbs;
  • 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Put in a food processor all the ingredients, then add the whole wheat bread crumbs and thicken the mixture.
  2. In the meantime, add some olive oil, mix until well processed.
  3. Shape the mixture in 8 middle-sized veggie burgers.
  4. To cook, heat a large iron gridiron over medium/ medium-high heat (or cook on the grill!). Cook them 3-4 minutes for each side.
  5. These burgers are delicious with some extra virgin olive oil, or other desired toppings. They’re also great with an avocado sauce, and tomatoes, as I served them.
  6. Alternatively, serve over salads, vegetables, or enjoy as is!

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Here I am back to the freezing London….

Warm temperatures of the most recent weeks are by now a distant memory.

Grey days are back to dominate over our heads and big scarfs are ready to wrap us warmly. Our daily routine, has being upset by the latest sorrowful events, including the earthquake in Italy; diseases; hunger; animal abuse; racism…

This world seems to go around ever more badly. But I don’t want you to stress anymore… So, I decided to focus on positive things and to enjoy only positive definite facts, like… FOOD!

Please tell me: has anybody ever escaped its troubles into food? Well, the answer is yes.

We all know that bad days are softened by fatty foods and sugary, but in doing so, my dear friends, no doubt, we’ll get funny pot-bellied!


We should always love each other, and, sometimes even the smallest action make the difference! That’s if you cook a flavored, hot, light dish and then you appreciate it in total relax.

So.. just pamper yourself!

We need healthy and strong people to struggle against this corrupted sick system. There isn’t a better way to keep fit with a healthy cruelty free diet!

Today I’m going you to suggest a delicious pureed soup. This soup is a great cold-weather comfort, so I think you won’t miss it at all!

It’s a very simply, healthy and satisfying soup – a great way to enjoy your vegetables!


Shopping list for two people:

300g of cooked chickpeas;

2 big chopped potatoes;

1 chopped onion;

Some extra virgin olive oil;



1 liter of vegetable broth;

and… much love!

How to prepare it:

Let’s start putting a spoon of extra virgin olive oil in a pot, then add the onion until it gilds. Add the veggie broth. Add the potatoes and let them cook until they soften (about 15 minutes). Then, put chickpeas. Cover and simmer  it for about 5 minutes.

Add some salt and use an immersion liquidizer straight in the pot.

Taste, and add salt according to your preference. Heat the soup until simmering and you are ready to serve. Add some olive oil if you prefer and serve it better with a slice of bread.

Enjoy your dinner!


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