It’s a vegan Christmas!

It’s a vegan Christmas!

 This year have a cruelty-free Christmas!

The season of giving is coming and for some people it means to make Christmas presents complying with an ethical way of life.

It’s not that easy, but with a little effort you can reduce your footprint of the environment and donate ethical and cruelty free presents.

This year we might boycott to donate the same old shower gel, perfume, scarf, or even hat… We just have to rethink from a new original cruelty-free point of view…

You can choose, for instance, cruelty-free clothes, cosmetics or food.

Vegan products under your tree

Those who are planning a cruelty-free veggie Christmas don’t have to be worried to make a bad impression… In fact, there are plenty of original alternative ideas and recipes you can offer to your guest.

So, why don’t you start to avoid giving the predictable Christmas basket full of salami, ham, dairy products, alcohol, unhealthy torrone sweet and so on?

There are lots of healthier and ethical products that are, in addition, always useful in everyday life for cooking or dressing. Some examples are: Italian DOC EVO olive oil, citrus from Sicily, but also handcrafted vegetable candles, and so on…

Cruelty-free cosmetics and shoes

Cosmetics and clothes, even shoes, have always been very popular Christmas gifts. Today, there are lots of cruelty-free and ethical brands. Many brands have banned animal testing on cosmetics sold in the UK and in the EU.

Many fabrics as well have banned the use of fur and leather from their products. So, we are plenty more and more of cruelty-free products and brands  that avoid real fur, leather and wool for clothes.

Moreover, what’s better than the adoption of a dog or a cat who need a home? Have a look to the official PETA website on:

Celebrate a vegan holiday, save a life and think veggie!

London: Vegan café refuses to accept new £5 note because it contains animal fat

London: Vegan café refuses to accept new £5 note because it contains animal fat

They have discussed for a long time about the decision of the owner of a vegan café in London to refuse accepting the new £5 note because it contains a kind of animal fat.

Is it still possible in 2016 to print new notes with animal fat? Certainly, these are ethically wrong, because they have tallow in them (a type of animal fat). It sounds as weird as frightening for animal activists (and not only) to the accept and use the new £5 as it contains animal derivatives…!

Vegan London has so replied….

The capital of the UK is one of the cities in Europe with the greatest number of vegan cafés and restaurants. It sounds impossible using the new £5 note which contains animal products for those (or not) who did this ethical choice.

VegBar in Brixton complies with their ethical principles and has announced to its customers that they won’t accept, even handle, the new £5 note because it is printed with animal fat. The point is that the same person who doesn’t eat meat cannot even handle the new note.

You can’t argue with this reasoning

Of course, what is important to remember is to be always coherent with our principles. We have to refuse to give our money to industries and factories which are still exploiting animals. VegBar did its ethical and brave choice! They are the first café which will no longer accept new £5 note. We really hope that all the other veggie restaurants in London will adopt the same policy!

However, the Bank of England has announced that “it is a legal obligation to accept the notes”. So, we hope they will reprint the new £5 note avoiding animal fat!

VegFest 2016


VegFest UK – 22nd 23rd October 2016

Further vegan festival is coming up in London, as usual. I took part last year and it was such an amazing experience all about going vegan.

VeganFest UK is one of the biggest and greatest vegan fest in Europe and gives the opportunity to people to meet each other and share their passion for vegan food and not only. Attending the festival there will be this year new extraordinary chefs; stalls; and vegan activists dealing with the topic of going vegan!

A shelter for everyone

VeganFestUK is really for everybody. It’s a great occasion you won’t miss to know about the vegan world and finding inspiration for the future.

Vegans and not are expected to take part to this incredible festival during these two days vegan full immersion. Programs consist of full information of stalls, Vegan activists summit, food & drinks and much more. Consider this festival as a space for open-minded and vegan friendly people, as well.

Take care of yourself!

So, if you’re in London or around for holidays or for job, don’t miss these 2 days festival. This will be an extraordinary occasion to come across new sensational experiences in a very sparkling and friendly atmosphere. You can eat, socialize, chat, have fun, and learn about ethical and healthy lifestyle choice.

It’s the right occasion also for those who are a bit curious about vegan lifestyles, or just want to eat and relax for 2 days long in a very relaxing place.

Come to the extraordinary setting of Olympia London (22nd-23rd October) or in Brigton (Mar 11th 12th 2017) and Bristol (May 20th 21st 2017).

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