Vegan Rice Omelette

Vegan Rice Omelette

Many argue that cooking vegan food is not that easy because one has to pay close attention to its preparation, but, according to my personal experience, there are little secrets for cooking successful vegan food. For example you can prepare different dishes a few days before and store them in the fridge in watertight containers, to preserve the freshness and the taste of the ingredients. Furthermore, one can even use lunch left-overs and transform them into new tasty dishes.

Yesterday, for example, I prepared some Basmati rice and pumpkin omelettes that I am going to eat tonight. For this recipe, I will sauté pumpkin with some ​​onion and sage, combine it with some rice and dip the dough in some chickpea flour to get a crisp surface with a soft and tasty heart. It is important to say that, Basmati rice contains a lower glycemic index, a more delicate taste and is more digestible for the content of a particular starch, than other type of rice, so I prefer it to the common one.

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Stuffed Cabbage – Vegan Recipes

Stuffed Cabbage – Vegan Recipes

Today, I prepare savoy cabbage stuffed with barley, potatoes, onions and carrots, a cooking method that can surprise even those who don’ t particularly like this type of cabbage.

Cabbage is a delicious food. In fact, among its properties it lowers the pressure because its high potassium content, it reduces the risk of allergies, it is rich in fibres, and it facilitates, therefore, digestion. It is even good for eyesight and its cooking water can cure skin imperfections.

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Celery Gratin – Vegan Recipes

Celery Gratin – Vegan Recipes

Taste, lightness and simplicity are the main features you look for in a summer dish. We often lose time preparing difficult recipes and in the selection of a great number of ingredients, without thinking that the solution is just in our fridge, within other ingredients that never lack in the kitchen, but are always underestimated: celery, for instance.

You certainly crunched it during a snack, or you have used it as a seasoning, or maybe you have added it to salads and drinks, but have you ever thought of using it for preparing a very delicate and easy main course?

This vegetable is rich in fiber and vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, it lowers cholesterol and improves digestion. Moreover it is low in calories and increases the feeling of fullness. If you think, farmers are used to give it away, together with some bunch of parsley, at the fruit and vegetable markets. Read More