Vegan Lemon and Chocolate Cheesecake

A creamy vegan cheesecake is the most pleasant way to show your love to themselves and the others and to remind the spring smell during the cold season.

I prepared this recipe for a person I really care for, so I wanted to make our day special.

The main ingredient to achieve a perfect dessert is surely love. This cheesecake looks the tastiest thing in the world, just because I made it with love and a chocolate topping which makes everything tastier.

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Vegan Panna Cotta

All vegans certainly feel nostalgic of some flavour that they have decided totally to ban from their diets. There is nothing wrong with this, because if you ban animal derivatives from your diet it does not mean that you don’t appreciate their taste, but you do it for an ethical choice.

For this reason, I really enjoy trying to reproduce the vegan version of traditional recipes. I must admit I often fail but sometimes the result is incredible.

For example, today I woke up thinking about a beloved childhood dessert, since I have not eaten it for a very long time: panna cotta, a pudding obtained from the union of sugar, cream, milk and jelly. I replaced these ingredients with plant based milk, agar-agar and turmeric powder: the result is a thick sweet fragrant and tasty (with a slight aftertaste of vanilla) dessert. It really satisfied me!

Vegan food is not a sacrifice, but a journey through pleasures and creativity!

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Sugar-Free Rosmary and Lemon Muffin

Sugar-Free Rosmary and Lemon Muffin

Spices are a very important element in the kitchen, because they give intensity and flavour to food. They can even completely modify tasteless dishes. In my kitchen, in fact, I have built a small shelf which I filled with jars of different spices that are full of colors, smells and goodness.

For today’s recipe I decided to use a spice which is full of many benefits: the rosemary. This herb is good for the brain, it has a flavour that reduces stress and improves mood, it contrasts halitosis, it keeps skin younger and protects the liver. Many people use this ingredient only for salty preparations. To tell the truth, it is also perfect for sweet dishes, as in the case of these soft and fragrant muffins, with a special and inviting flavor.

Let’s do aromatherapy while cooking!

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