Natureat is characterised by the importance given to the raw materials that come from the earth; and the fact that the ingredients are used to enhance instead of altering the flavours of the products used. All the ingredients that we use are natural, genuine and healthy

About Patrizia:

  • Vegan Food Blogger
  • Recipe Developer
  • Food photographer
  • Plant Based Personal chef based in London and available worldwide

Patrizia Saccente is the founder of Natureat, is an Italian vegan-food passionate of natural and homemade food, researcher and hunter of spices and new flavours, an insatiable love of photography, travel, animals and nature. She grew up in a small town called ‘Altamura’ in the Apulia region, characterised by its warmth, colour richness and genuine flavors.

This land has been a great source of inspiration in her life, a place with a valuable culinary tradition. She has beautiful memories from her childhood: the aroma of homemade sweets; the smell of fresh spices that perfumed the house; the flavour of jams made with wild fruits; and her mum’s voice asking her help for the making of preserves for winter time. She was raised amongst the most precious raw materials: grains, vegetables, legumes and olive oils.

Patrizia has a wide experience in veg cooking with awareness in sustainability and wellbeing.For many years, she worked in educational farms in the south of Italy, is a project, which aims to make people more conscious about natural food, understand the provenance of raw ingredients and educate about a healthy diet.  She completed training in naturopathy and has worked in many restaurants where she has consolidated her cooking skills.

In 2012, Patrizia moved to London to get a broader experience:  selling her Italian delicacies  in different  food markets and start with the private dinners.
The love for honest food and a healthy lifestyle has always been part of her philosophy.