Properties of coriander: the strange taste of Chinese parsley

Properties of coriander: the strange taste of Chinese parsley
Coriander, or Chinese parsley, is almost identical to our common parsley. It tastes definitely stronger and more flavored. Actually, nobody loves it  and, in some cases, it may even result a bit nauseating.
Its shape reminds the common parsley, but concerning its flavor it results sharp and consistent.
Nevertheless, the properties of coriander are many and different. It is used in international cooking and appreciated almost everywhere. In fact, in Italy, it is used less than everywhere else, because of its smell that really differs from parsley. Maybe its little use in Italy is due to its unique smell that not everybody may appreciate.
Properties of coriander
According to different people, this herb has good properties. The health benefits of coriander include treatment of digestion, it provides antibacterial effects, and, if consumed as infusion, it helps to eliminate intestinal gas. Coriander should be use regularly to treat lack of appetite. It is also a great tonic which stimulates nervous system activities.
As regard to its culinary use, coriander is used widely in Indian, Greek and Asian cooking.
Nutritional values
An amount of 100 g of coriander contains:
       Calories: 23
       Proteins 2,14 g
       Carbohydrates 3,60
       Sugar 0,88
       Fat 0,50
       cholesterol 0 mg
       Fiber 2,8 g
       Sodium 45 mg.
These properties of coriander are not bad at all. Only its taste can be considered soapy and pungent, if compared to the common parsley.
Moreover, finding it is not always easy in Italy. Greengrocers, as well as supermarkets, hardly sell it. In London, instead, you can find it easily in any grocery store.

Lemon and ginger to detox and lose weight

Spring is coming soon and summer has yet to come. It’s time to start thinking about how to try to assume fewer calories than you burn and also how to lose weight in the fastest and smartest way! What you want to do is only trying to find a solution to the excessive number of calories  and to the lazy and sedentary life you have followed on during winter.
What we can do is to start using the natural remedy of lemon and ginger. They are two best fellows to contrast extra weight. Their combination is also a good remedy to detox from fat stocks of the coldest months.
Actually, in order to lose weight and detoxify human bodies there are many natural remedies, indeed the lemon and ginger remedy is the most common and used, and also one of the most effective one.
Ginger beneficial and curative qualities are well know everywhere. Ginger can be defined as a kind of natural medicine, whose properties are particularly interesting. It is root which provides  antioxidant and antitumor, anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps facilitates digestion and burns calories. If  regularly consumed, this root contributes to weight loss maintenance.
What to say about lemon is that it’s a natural supplement of vitamin C. In addition to minerals and other properties, the regular consumption of this fruit prevents colds and many other seasonal illnesses. Even in this case, lemon consists of  a good antioxidant and antitumor natural remedy. Lemon and ginger, essentially, are suitable fellows for human health.
Detoxifying and slimming drink
This drink can be consumed both hot and cold, although it is better when hot. You can drink both in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before going to sleep, at least an hour before going to bed.
Ginger facilitates draining effects which promote the circulation of the liquids and then it helps to remove those in excess. Consequently, it helps to lose weight. Therefore, the lemon enhances this effect and sustain with vitamins and organic minerals..
It should be reminded that, in order to obtain a good physical shape, you must also have a proper lifestyle. What you simply have to do is trying to eat more fibers, and do some physical activity.



The cold season has arrived and we are more likely to feel its effects.
In these very freezing days, I was looking for some warm main course to heat myself up  and to provide more calories.
Pizzoccheri are a type of a flat ribbon pasta, a typical dish from an Italian area, called Valtellina. You may need to slightly modify their original recipe to have a more Vegan version. For instance, you need to replace the butter and the cheese with other vegetable fat. You can also make Pizzoccheri pasta totally avoiding the use of any kind of fat. In this case, they will result less greasy, but definitely delicious.
I would use only some potatoes and savoy cabbage cooking them in a frying pan with a few olive oil and some chili pepper, instead than the black one. I would rather add some spices. This version of Pizzoccheri pasta will be overall fat less and low calories but tasty at the same time!
I think I will prepare this first course in the next few days. I need some more time to gather all the ingredients. I really need something warm to heat me up! If I don’t find any Pizzoccheri available in London, I will definitely replace them with whole wheat pasta. What counts when making Pizzoccheri are the greens, since they are originally prepared with savoy cabbage, and  cubed potatoes.