AMICO BIO: organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in London


AMICO BIO: organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in London

It’s already time in London for holidays and the city looks great. Visiting London during spring or summer makes it even more beautiful and attractive.
For this occasion I would like you to recommend a cool Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant, called AMICO BIO. This restaurant, of Italian origins, like its name suggest, has been opening in London since 2010. It has suddenly become a strong reference point, for Italians, but for Londoners as well.
Italian culinary tradition in London
This restaurant is special: here you do not eat only vegetarian and vegan foods. Dishes they serve are the result of the search for the best organic products, and this is one of the reasons why Londoners appreciate Amico bio.
Even cooking has its own relevance: the variety of dishes on the menu join the Italian culinary tradition. The chef Pasquale Amico strongly recognizes the importance to prepare dishes for vegan and vegetarians thanks  to his particular style of Italian-vegetarian cooking . All his ingredients are coming from his organic farm, settled in Southern Italy.
The restaurant reflects its menu: it is rustic, simple and intimate. You find it in a quite silent area of London.
In the restaurant, it is also possibile to buy some raw biological food, for cheap prices.
Here you are the address: Cloth Fair London EC1A 7JQ, UK.
Dishes are Always fresh hand-made, as the Chef Pasquale claims, and the menu offers a wide variety of fresh vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan dishes, created from season products.
So, if you want to enjoy a great culinary experience and the using of fresh products in London, you just have to stop and try its great delicious recipes.




What you see in this picture is the traditional “on board” meal. Usually, these meals are served on intercontinental flights, but some companies are considering to introduce a vegetarian and vegan menu on board. In fact, more and more vegans or vegetarians are travelling around the world, needing to have a vegan or vegetarian meal on board.

Today, it seems than one restaurant on two that opens is vegan. This means that certainly things are changing and that, in a immediate future, we will have vegan food on board,

Currently, you can choose the vegan meal only on special request that is not even very cheap.


It is easy to think that the first flight companies that are starting to serve this “alternative” way of eating in an immediate future, will do it, first of all, to offer another service to their passengers, awared of the fact that they should be vegans or vegeterians. This further kind of service should certainly increase flight bookings, for those companies that will choose to serve veg meals on board.

This revolutionary way of eating on board is changing the world. It’s only a question of time and we can fly and eat vegan by simply asking the hostess.

Nowadays, some airline companies have just introduced vegetarian and vegan menues served onboard. It will be great, once aboard the airplane, a hostess will come to you to serve your special request.
I really hope all the airline companies will be able to serve special menu on board. American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, have already done it, offering a wide variety of special request meals for long distance flights.


Proprietà_dei_carciofi_e_tanto_gusto (1)


Springtime is the period of the year which is simply the best to enjoy artichokes. They are incredibly delicious and they also have amazing health benefits, even if you eat them raw. Artichokes are also a popular winter season vegetables across Europe.

Artichokes count many and great properties, but, telling the truth, they are simply very tasty. It is recommended to eat a right quantitiy of artichokes, because they can be considered a superfood.

In fact, their leaves contribute to help digestive benefits, and this is not limited only to their fiber content.

There are not many ways to cook artichokes. They require a bit of preparation before they are cooked. They contain a lot of flavors and many nutrients and they are also full of antioxidants, vitamin C and represent a source of potassium. So you can simply steam, grill, dunk artichokes or flavoring them with some olive oil and herbs.


As an alternative to cooking, you can taste them crude. You can eat the best part of these vegetables (the heart), flavoring them with some olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Why is it good to eat artichokes? Because they offer a wide range of health benefits and they also provide greater antioxidant benefits.

Properties of artichokes are.

Mineral salts
Organic acids

Artichokes can also be considered one of the best antioxidants and diuretic food and they also provide digestive support.


Artichokes are typcally preserved into sterilized jars covered with oil. This is the most traditional Italian version to eat artichokes all year around. This process is not easy, neither quick; however, you just have to put them into small jars, pressing them gently, and preserve them in oil.

Finally, artichokes are a very advisable food by all properties which they contain.

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